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Are you interested in your skin care?

1 February, 2018

Are you interested in your skin care?

Melanogenesis: this ugly word does not bode well. We confirm this, as it refers to the process that causes the formation of spots on the skin. Behind most of them is the sun, although some are hereditary, others appear by age, etc. When the radiation hits our skin, it defends itself generating melanin, this pigment migrates to the surface of the epidermis and, due to a dysfunction of the organism, instead of dividing homogeneously it concentrates in an area generating a spot.

The spots are accumulations of cells, called melanocytes, which appear due to an intensive exposure to the sun over years. Therefore, it is important that all people, from an early age, protect themselves adequately from the sun.

Although, as we have seen, the main trigger is clear, not all hyperpigmentations are the same. There are basically two types:
The lentigines (age spots) are small localised spots with defined edges that arise with increasing age and due to the continuing effects of ultraviolet light. They appear mainly in the neck, the neckline and the back of the hands from the age of 40.

Melanosis are extensive irregularly shaped spots caused, in addition to the sun, by hormonal changes. They appear between the ages of 20 and 30 in specific areas of the face, mainly upper area of the cheeks, upper lip and forehead.

In any case, there are people more prone to one type than to another. Normally, dark skins develop more melanosis and lentigines are, by contrast, more frequent on fair skins.
In addition to the feared effects of the sun as the main cause of these dark frames, there are those caused by pollution.Some novel studies confirm that this could also be behind the formation of spots.

As a matter of fact, the skin is usually the reflection of what happens inside. In this sense, aspects such as individual predisposition, genetics, hormones, pregnancy, drugs, contraceptives, physical processes where skin irritation occurs, tobacco and pollution. If you are one of the
women with this concern, you may be interested to know how to erase them or at least minimize them.

First and foremost is to have a good dermatological diagnosis so you can treat them at home with the most appropriate and effective products. It is essential for this type of pathology to maintain a good routine of daily cleansing, followed by exfoliation, as long as you are not using compounds with acids.